When Harry Met Fatty

One of my projects recently, and due to launch this Thursday Sept. 22nd, is "When Harry Met Fatty", an audio "podcast" you shall be able to find on iTunes. To learn more about this strange beast called iTunes and podcasts in general, click here.

Basically, When Harry Met Fatty shall be a radio, or "podcast" show featuring myself and one Noah Warren, my good buddy and creator of The Chronicles of Noahnia, a self-annihilating blog we have all come to love over the years.

Over the course of roughly 23 minutes, Noah and I shall review a romantic comedy film (usually bad, usually semi-recent)from the jaded perspective of the larger man. Join us while we review such masterpieces of schlock as You Again and He's Just Not That Into You, both of us suffering the torments of the damned as we drink our way back to sober once again, striving to somehow find meaning in the meaningless void of these movies!

I'll post again when When Harry Met Fatty goes live with a direct link, but I hope this little preview has intrigued and harrowed your soul!

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Alexa said...

God YES!!!!

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