Meet the New Temp-Same as the Old Temp

I'm returning to the U of MN St. Paul campus bookstore for a four-week temp gig, starting tomorrow, and I had to go to the Coffman Union bookstore on the Mpls campus today for training. Getting to the heart of Minneapolis East Bank campus right now is about as fun as traveling into the heart of Mordor (but with way less meaning than destroying a powerful ring and way more tan girls in maroon sweaters), what with the construction and the construction and the construction, and I had the added joy of riding the bus down the light rail construction of University Ave. to get there.

I'll spare you the expected crazy people, sudden rain, and crotch chaffing the whole affair entailed and skip right ahead to the training-which I'd had before, with the same exact trainer. That's right, they made me train all over again and waste a day of my life because...wait for it...there's a new book rental process, which involves a new form, which was covered in about three minutes of the four hr. training session. And, even more fun, I found myself having to keep explaining that I'd worked there before, which isn't so cool when you're 32 and you're talking to a recent college grad who's working the same gig as you. Yes, it's now reached a point where I'm cycling through previous temp gigs (though this one is pretty fun) like some sort of Rhyme of the Ancient Temp figure, that strange dude who draws you in at parties with a TRANSFIXING GAZE.

And, as our bus crawled back down Uni and these off-the-hook mutherfuckers started making out, crying, then making out some more, I got an email on my phone with the latest editorial pass on my latest book, thus securing my place in temp lore for some time to come.

Do you want that on your student account?


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