Going to Michigan

I was planning on writing another dispatch from the MN state shutdown, one involving me being chased into the Dubliner Pub on University Avenue by a pack of wild dogs and drinking with Governor Dayton, but suddenly the shutdown looks to be ending and frankly, the whole thing bores me.

Tomorrow is the last day of the test scoring season. Hopefully an hour after that, M. and I will be zooming down the highway into Wisconsin, through the Michigan's UP, and shall reach the lovely shores of Lake Huron by late Saturday afternoon. We're going to chill with her family for a few days, cabin-style, before backtracking into the U.P. for several long awaited days of camping.

See ya in the funny papers.


Sgt. Misty Peppers said...

And so the horror movie begins...

David Oppegaard said...

Day 4: We are out of ice for our cooler!

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