Blogagaard As...Teaching Artist?

That's right, world! I'll be teaching a class this fall at the Loft Literary Center! Fall registration is now open for all Loft classes!

Here's the class description, guaranteed to blow your mind!*

Grounding the Fantastic

A multigenre course open to all levels of students interested in literary, fantasy, horror, and science fiction, this class will focus on creating a realistic story that grounds even the most unusual tale in a recognizable world. Inspired by authors as varied as Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy, and Toni Morrison, this class will discuss several multigenre craft topics and use in-class writing exercises to further investigate these storytelling methods. Then, using what we have learned, we will read and reflect upon one another’s stories in a workshop-style discussion facilitated by the teaching artist. Together, we will go down the rabbit hole of slipstream fiction and discover the multitude of possibilities waiting on the other side.

*Please note guarantee is not actually guaranteed.


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