Sticky Notes As Self-Defense (Part I)

Scoring the same essay prompt two hundred plus times a day is boring, real boring, and I have to check myself constantly so I don't score too many tests too fast and stand out of the crowd, even if I'm very accurate, because a test scoring center loves stable, dull numbers more than anything else, including excellence. And so, to help slow myself down and to just amuse myself in general, I doodle on this green sticky note pad throughout the day. Here are five that made the cut to this very blog:

This is the famous Battle of the Xs and the Os. Two armies meet in combat, only to find a shark infested river betwixt them!

I escaped for a good five minutes drawing this, pretending I was road tripping through Montana again.

The Aquateen Hunger Force/Unit Patrol, of course, including their trusty danger cart. They spell it right, actually, and I spelled it wrong.

A strangely quiet piece for a Blogagaard doodle, perfection was reached early on and I let it be.

An obvious, externalized cry for help as I cling to sanity along the cliff of despair. Night draws near and the stars come out.


Something dirty said...

Hey! I swear I know that cat! He looks real familiar.

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