To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I've been fighting joining up with Twitter for a long time. The concept itself seemed ridiculous to me-jotting down stupid little thoughts and then sending them pulsing into the ether. But I also fought getting a cell phone until I was 27, and now I just got a fancy new LG Optimus T with Android technology (I got it free since I haven't upgraded my phone for four years). And I've been blogging for over five years, not to mention my author website.

So why fight Twitter anymore? Why not go tweeting gently into that tweet night? What the tweet, you know? We're all up tweet river without a tweet paddle, so I might as well say tweet it and go with the tweeting flow. The birds outside my apartment are singing right now-maybe they've subtly influenced me into doing this, joining the last of the Internet Monsters that slowly gnaw at our brains. Maybe Hitchcock's birds have regrouped, gone to community college, and now have a whole new high-tech plan of attack.

So, if you've already joined the Twitter borg, you can find me at DavidOppegaard

Funny, the Twitter bluebird doesn't LOOK evil...


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