Spider Web Trees

Spider web encased trees in Pakistan. How is cool is this shit? My brother Nate posted this link on Facebook, which he got from a friend, using something called the World Wide WEB....


Sgt. Misty Peppers said...

Have you seen the Pakistani version of Arachnophobia? It is off the chains! (as the young folk used to say.)
Didn't this Tree get featured in one of the Lord of the Rings flicks? I swear, Bilbo Baggins had to fight his way out of Kim Catrall's spider lair or something.
BTW, I didn't take the lightrail. I walked home. I scared some Somalian kid who was out walking his dog. He thought I was going to rob him. I was merely walking HARD and wheezing, my mind focussed on the Delerium Tremins that was in my fridge.

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