First: The crowds stand tall in Cairo, Egypt!

Then, a place called "Bahrain" erupts!

And now...bloodthirsty school teachers are converging in Madison, Wisconsin!

Next up: the upcoming NFL owners/player's union war!

Something strange is in the global water! Besides poison, floating garbage islands, oil spills, and dead fish, I mean!

Revolution is a-foot! We need to get broadband internet to rural areas! Break something and then tweet your location and then eat a sandwich! Start a crowd, march toward a square, and start handing out baseball bats! Climb a fence, make a poster, light a candle! Wyoming is the only state with a balanced budget! How the fuck did that happen? I don't know! I am not that well informed, but I have the internet! For the first time, they've taken away all Sunday broadcast TV games of Twins baseball! That fucking SUCKS! Poor people need to have health insurance and cable packages that include Twins baseball and "cable" channels that have advertising just like broadcast TV! The weather is getting weird as our planet dies and everyone is content to pay for that which you used to get for free!

And still, all of this agitation means nothing, in the grand cosmic scheme of things.

Le sigh.


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