You Think About a Lot of Things When You're Tired

I'm watching High Noon right now for the first time. This movie is so brilliant that I'm actually ashamed that I haven't seen it until now (and if you know me, you know it takes a shitload to make ME ashamed). This movie makes moves on top of moves, which is my favorite thing about writing (or really anything, such as sex, chess, etc). I haven't even finished watching it yet and here I am, blogging about it. I was going to blog about my new temp gig, at the U of MN bookstore in St. Paul, but this has eclipsed that in importance ten-fold. I used to think 1952 western movies were the terrain of old men and such-and so, I have been chastened.

Ok. Time to go back and watch.


David Oppegaard said...

And yes, I have found the precursor to my beloved DEADWOOD.

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