From Whence I Came

Mine is a twisted story, involving adoption and divorce and whatnot, but from the age of five until I left for college I lived in Lake Crystal, MN, in various houses for various periods of time. But out of all the dwellings I dwelled in, none did I love more than the house on 251 N Hunt Street, which we lived in for about ten years or so and had some pretty good times to go along with the scary times as my mother slowly succumbed to the complications of cancer. Tonight, through the magic of the Internet, I found it listed for sale!

So thrill to this viewing of the childhood/teenage home of a famous author, where my first two novels and many terrible short stories were written! (Note: for some reason there aren't many pics of the upstairs, where I spent most of my time. Also note, you could see the four lanes of Highway 60 from my backyard).

The house turned 100 recently! Happy centennial, house!

My mother had this bathroom sink made out of an antique sewing machine stand during a remodel, minus the sewing machine.

I bounded down these stairs many a time, and knew where all the creaks were. The old place had lots of awesome woodwork and good wood floors. It also had an old school coal chute in the basement.


Tia said...

I miss our house this brought god and bad memories back and tars to these eyes! Thank you for sharing this Daver!

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