The Vibrant Word!

So, I'll be down in Decorah, Iowa this weekend at Luther College as part of The Vibrant Word-Lutheran Festival of Writing. I personally don't claim any particular domination, as I'm pretty much agnostic, but I guess the fact that I went to St. Olaf College, Lutheran in its own right, was enough for Luther. It should be an interesting time-it'll be cool to meet a bunch of new writers and camp near the campus, which I'm doing despite the autumn chill because I'm too broke to afford $100 a night for a hotel room. Maybe I'll get so cold I have some kind of religious mystical vision and end up wandering the Luther campus, preaching to the shiny faced students!

My particular reading is at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning, perhaps the most unlikely time and day for an Oppegaard reading that has ever been, and hopefully ever will be, devised. Here's the bio they put up for me on their website, which might be of interest if you're reading this and you're my dad or other close relative (scroll down a lot).

Well, here's to the reformation and how it eventually got me to get up early on a Sunday!


David Oppegaard said...

Hello from Iowa! Free red wine and friendly people around these parts. Now I return to my campsite to brave the evening chill!

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