October Country

October is my favorite month, and this October has been exceptionally beautiful here in leafy St. Paul. I love the smell of leaf smoke, the sound of a stiff wind whipping the fallen leaves around, and the fact I can wear something other than my standard T-shirt outside again. What can I say? I have a body made for layering!

My Top 3 Months:


My Least Favorite Months:


Strange how love can turn to hate so fast (aka LeBron James).

Okay, I'm off to smoke a pipe and wistfully listen to Van Morrison while thinking of deep brown-eyed girls...


Anonymous said...

My favouritest month is July... apart from the fact that my brother, my husband, a lot of friends and I were born in July, Lord of the Rings was first published in July... and few of my other favorite books too have a July connection...

Having said that, I sometimes expect too much from July... July of 2010, for instance, was not very nice...

David Oppegaard said...

yeah, I love July, too. I usually go camping out West to Glacier NP or somewhere, but this year I was too broke.

Next July shall be better I hope!

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