Blogagaard Gets His Pergamon On

Yesterday, when I wasn't drinking German beer or eating something, I made time to visit the Pergamon Museum here in Berlin with my lovely girlfriend. It's a big museum-you know you're in a big museum when it contains beneath its roof not only an entire ancient Pergamon Altar from present day Turkey, the market gate of Miletus, but the Gate of Ishtar as well, from ancient Babylon. Not to mention another couple wings of ancient treasures on top of all that.

My one observation from this museum trip, besides how obviously cool it was to see these things in person, was how ridiculous all the tourists were as they constantly took pictures instead of actually just paying attention to what they were looking at. You literally couldn't walk around the museum without getting your picture taken. By the time we were ready to leave, I felt like running around beserker-style and slapping the cameras from everybody's hands and shouting, "Pay attention! This is actually happening in a reality that cannot be pinned to the wall!"


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