Blogagaard Gets His German On

So my girlfriend Melissa is in Berlin, Germany until September studying at a German language institute and perfecting her German skills. I'll be visiting her for about ten days near the end of this month, having never been to Germany before or even thought about visiting it until I met Melissa. And as a German newbie, I am...trying to teach myself German with audio CD's and their accompanying booklets!

So far, I'm good at listening and repeating what is said, but as soon as I try to recall it my brain goes blank. I'm going to rely on repetition and good old gumption and hopefully by the time I land in Berlin I'll at least recognize enough German words so I'm not totally stupefied. Yes, I know most Germans speak English, especially in Berlin, but that's not the point. The point is to torture myself with a feeble attempt at learning a new language and bury the ghosts of those horrible St. Olaf French classes I endured!

And I'm sure you have some horrible learning a language stories of your own...


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