Blogagaard As Panelist

CONvergence 2010 is about to strike tomorrow (Thursday July 1st) at noon and will run through the 4th of July. CONvergence is many things, a mix of science fiction/fantasy panels and speakers, fans dressed in full costume, party rooms of various sci-fi themes (like the ever-present Willy Wonka room, or my friends' awesome Cinema Apocalypse room, where he screens strange and awesome horror/sci-fantasy/everything else movies, pretty much non-stop. So what you have here is a bunch of nerds and geeks getting down with their bad selves.

This year I shall be sitting on four panels with my own nerd self. I plan on pursing my lips a lot and wrinkling my forehead while pretending to be deep in thought. I'd love to see you there!

Thursday July 1

5:00 PM

Spotting Mary Sue and Learning How to Avoid Her!

Saturday July 3
12:30 PM
Dusting Off the Shelves

3:30 PM
World Building - Dystopias

Sunday July 4
12:30 PM
Can't-Put-It-Down Pacing


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