Thoughts on the Jason Bourne Film Trilogy

I just finished re-watching all three Jason Bourne films over a period of four days. Here's what I found:

Jason Bourne is always in a big hurry.

Jason Bourne is good at both fighting and decision making. He makes decisions quickly under great duress.

Jason Bourne is good at car driving and stealing cars and driving cars in a backwards manner to ram other cars.

The CIA is actually a nest of vipers trying to create super vipers to do their viper bidding.

The CIA's eyes are everywhere, hacking into your very soul at will.

The police forces in various foreign countries are only good at getting in the way.

Jason Bourne's real name is David Webb. My real name is David as well.

Jason Bourne is good at jumping between buildings and somehow speaks every language with fluency.

You can shoot Jason Bourne, but that will only anger Jason Bourne.

Cameras are everywhere! There is probably one right behind you right now, sucka!

And finally: brainwashed assassins are people, too!


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