This Blog Has More Class than a Tiger Woods Dead Father Commercial!

So I haven't posted it in a while. What, o what, has Blogagaard been up to?

Writing, mostly. Due to economic woes, I'll be starting a temp job on April 22nd (scoring standardized tests) and thus I've decided to step up my writing production before that occurs in order to finish the rough draft of the novel I'm currently working on. AKA, I've been writing like madman until my brains turn to goo. And, strangely enough, writing around eight pages (or 2,000 words) a day does not incline one to blog posting.

Yet I do go outside, from time to time, and I have been enjoying this spring. I can't remember a nicer one, really, that actually started on time as well. No June thaw this year! And I've also been enjoying the return of MN Twins baseball! Yes, sir. We're going all the way this year (as I predict each and every season).

I'm also reading the biography of Samuel Johnson (creator of the English dictionary)by James Boswell. It's a funny book, and I'd be surprised if John Kennedy O'Toole hadn't read it before writing The Confederacy of Dunces. Each page more thick with pomp, crazy letters, and bro love than the last!


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