Rolling On

Whew, January is over. What a crappy month. Am I right, am I right? I have three readings coming up in February in Maple Grove, at St. Olaf, and on the west bank at the U of MN. More details can be found here.

I've just finished another draft (it might be the 10th draft?) of my 8th novel, From the Void, after getting a good amount of feedback from publishing editors. Now I'm moving on to the 3rd draft of Book #9, a.k.a. The Floating Luminosity.

Now, if only the snow devils would move on and leave Minnesota alone. Also, take the damn cold with you.

A blogagaard can dream, can't he?


Anonymous said...

when you are richer and more famous and much more high flying - you can get yourself a summer home in the southern hemisphere... OR, you can atleast little bit richer (atleast to be able to buy a return ticket), be awesome and nice to me, and I can offer you a roof for the summer.

David Oppegaard said...

Some sun sounds good to me!

But what if...this is the apex of my famous-ness right now?


Anonymous said...

well, then make sure you wave at the drivers you are passing - you'll probably be meeting them again...

Anonymous said...

I think even the richest and most famous do meet those drivers again, so waving is a good idea, irrespective!

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