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So, I just got back from seeing The Hurt Locker at the Riverview. A good movie, though it ran a bit longer than it should have, I think. A movie about bombs and a tightly wound guy who disarms bombs should be wound tight, like a...bomb. That said, it totally beat out Speed for artistic merit.

I don't know if this happens to you, but whenever I see a war movie set after 2001, one thought keeps running through the back of my mind: WE SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The oughts Iraq war had nothing whatsoever to do with keeping the United States safe-one could argue it only made us weaker by draining pretty much every resource imaginable (except oil?) and eventually dragging us into a recession (and by the way, there is absolutely no budget for new domestic programs in the next decade. Domestic, meaning, the actual United States, where we live, where my local library just had to cut its hours drastically). And now we're focused of Afghanistan. Now, I don't have all the intel. in front of me, but there do seem to be some actual Taliban fighters in Afghanistan at the moment (though time will only tell if this is just another useless extension of our resources).

Anyhow, politics aside, The Hurt Locker was a good movie about a guy in a hot, armored suit.

I'll be driving down to St. Olaf tomorrow for a 7 PM reading in the Viking Theater.



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