A Good Morning

It's been a good morning here in the land of Blogagaard. The coffee was tasty, as were the Coco Wheats. Just delicious! And we also learned that our Hamline writer friend Jeff Smeiding has landed an agent for his dark fantasy novel! Whoop! Congrats again, Jeff!

Landing an agent is a heady time for a burgeoning writer. When I finally found representation it almost immediately kicked off waves of grandeur delusions and validation feelings and general insomnia. Most excellent. I believe I called it "a red day".

Also, I received an invite to my younger step-brother's first gallery show. Nathan Jorgenson is quite the photographer-artiste. He took my dust jacket photo on what might have been the Coldest Goddamn Day Ever a few years back and complained nary a bit.

Anyhow. A good morning!


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