Keep Your Head Down, Blogagaard!

To say I've been keeping my head down lately is an understatement. For one thing, I'm too broke to actually keep my head up in the first place, because that usually involves spending money in some way. I'm also going down the steep, slanting hill that is finishing a novel. During this phase, I write at least five pages everyday except Sunday, and even on Sundays I feel guilty for not working. On top of all this, the release date for The Suicide Collectors paperback edition is less than two weeks away (Nov. 24th) and the publication date for Wormwood, Nevada is less than a month away (Dec. 8th). Also, my fantasy football team is sucking really, really hard, and all my attempts to right the ship are met with laughter from the gods.

I just put two new short stories up on my Scribed page. "Everything is Okay" is about a frantic family ride to soccer practice and "To Leave This World" is about a young woman who joins an alien cult in California to escape her own life (a very apt story as Wormwood descends upon the world).


scott said...

Is the Suicide Collectors mass market or trade?

David Oppegaard said...

it's going to be trade.

scott said...

I had hoped I could put you in my pocket.

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