Crazy Things

Yesterday, I was watching football with my lady friend when I heard a loud thump/crash just one level below an explosion. I head toward the bathroom, in the general direction of the noise, wondering what my cat could possibly have done to make such a loud noise. He's sitting on his bathmat, spooked but apparently innocent. More noise came from outside, so I peer out the high bathroom window. A cherry red classic car has crashed into my apartment building and is desperately spinning its tires in an attempt to back up the hill that separates the parking lot and the building.

It never made it on its own, and had to get pulled out via chain by the same guy who lives in the apartment below mine. The car (a Packer, maybe?) actually smashed into the window frame, jarring it loose, and a little more momentum and that basement apartment might of had a classic car in its own grill. This is exactly the crazy kind of shit that happens in real life that you'd get yelled at for putting in a book as "not believable".

I still don't know how the accident happened, though I heard the guy say something about the car was stuck in neutral, or something. He actually doesn't even live in our building, his garage is in the alley across from ours. I do know he wasn't having the greatest Sunday afternoon.


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