Winding Down

Finals have come and gone here at the U of MN and the campus is pretty quiet now. It's also my last week at the U as a temp worker in the history department and I'm okay with that, really, though it's been a nice job and I've made some cool friends. I just don't think human beings are made to sit in an office all summer long, especially MN human beings who have to suffer long cold winters most of the year. Thus I shall roam around, free and poor.

On Saturday, I'm headed off to Oregon for a week with my college roommate Noah, and when I get back I plan on finishing up my third novel for publishing consideration. The Bram Stoker award weekend is also creeping up and that'll be another trip in the middle of June.

I went outside and basked in the idllyic warmth Of Minnesota in mid-May. That sun does feel good on your face.


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