Rainy Week

Looks like it's going to be a rainy week in the old Twin Cities area, with possibilities of flooding all over the state, especially up by Moorehead. When I stepped out of the shower this morning I caught the cat constructing a small ark out of Popsicle sticks and waterproof glue. He turned 20 last week and I guess he's finally started considering his own mortality and you know, constructing an ark-based legacy for himself. I for one am simply happy spring is finally here and we can all walk around outside without six layers of clothing, though I'll miss that slightly naughty warmth only a good pair of long underwear can provide.


Ben Parzybok said...

It's the same deal here - except instead of their usual wet-sidewalk suicidal tendencies, the worms have all outfitted themselves with mini jet skis. It's a sight to behold and makes for a walk to the grocery store a harrowing experience.

Missy said...

My long underwear are not naughty.

Missy said...

Stoked about your nomination! STOKER!


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