Moving Out

Sarah and I have parted ways amicably and today, nay, tonight, I am moving to my new apartment in the Hamline-Midway area. I've been hauling my crap around since 1998, my freshman year at St. Olaf, and boy the joys of moving are seemingly endless. I've moved so much I believe I started this blog five goddamn apartments ago, right after moving into a basement studio apartment. If anything, the years have taught me much about hauling my crap efficiently and I'm hoping tonight is a smack-bang-whipty-doo of a move. I've spent the last three days prepping, which mostly entails sweating a lot as I cover myself in dust and grime, drinking profusely, and convincing the cat the apocalypse has not come upon us.

Or has it?


Missy said...

I believe Opie is correct, but that he should not worry as he is clearly one of the chosen creatures.

I hope you enjoy your new digs. Can't wait to come over and order some Checkerboard pizza.

starshrines said...

Opie's Apocalypse

That would make a good short story title; it trills off the tongue nicely.

Blogagaard said...

maybe he'll write it himself. Subtitled: That time I hid under the bed!

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