Blogagaard Making Copies

We got a new, super deluxe fancy copier at work this week and today we had a one hour training session for it. Let me tell you, copiers have totally, totally advanced in the last few years. This one has its own swiveling touch screen monitor, and is basically a beast of a copier with a brain of a computer. I can monitor how much paper, ink, and staples it has from the comfort of my desk in another part of the building. It scans documents and lets you e-mail them. It freaking does things I don't even understand. I thought the training would be dull, but it was actually pretty interesting.

Sigh. Things can be a little slow around here.


Kelly said...

This is always how it begins. You make friends with the copier, enjoy its new features, and two chapters later it's menacing your girlfriend after making a bunch of evil copies of your boss.

Blogagaard said...

Ah! I should be suspicious then. Maybe this will be the first sentient machine!

Terminator: We Run Your Office!

Missy said...

I LOVE the scanner/email/fax feature on our office copier. Ours is just a pre-teen in size though. Congrats on your new friendship.

Blogagaard said...

Thank you, Missy. I appreciate that.

I'll tell Cop-E you said hello.

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