An Office With A View

I work on the eleventh floor of Heller Hall, a small tower on the West Bank in Minneapolis. This week I found out the U of MN might be hiring me as a U of MN temporary worker, as opposed to a plain old Adecco temp, and this means I could now work there into June. I'd get health insurance after a month of the status change. And if anything else, my office sure has a sweet view:


Missy said...

Congrats on the U temp upgrade and that is a sweet view! I love skylines. And you look so approachable at that desk.

[coughs on nails and rubs them on sweater] did you see the pics of my new cube and view on facebook??

Blogagaard said...

that is some nice window action, Missy!

Sgt. Misty Peppers said...

Way to be a turncoat and a traitor to your own St. Paul! How do you sleep at night?
By the way, I'm not sleeping at all. My morbidly obese cat Xandar has sleep apnea and a wheeze. He keeps me up. If he dies this winter, I will have nothing to keep my feet warm. I should slice into his belly right now with a light saber and warm myself w/ his entrails.

Blogagaard said...

Misty, that's what we call in the industry a Grade-A Plan. Start your saber!

And yes. I am a traitor!

Ali Jones said...

You hate health insurance.

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