Cover Art for Wormwood, Nevada


Ben Parzybok said...

Looks awesome - just a lovely cover.
2 books! What's this about - is there somewhere to read about it?

Blogagaard said...

Hi Ben! Thanks. Yep, I'm really happy with it. Here's the early catalog copy:

Coming Fall of 2009

Wormwood, Nevada

St. Martin's Press

Tyler and Anna Mayfield have just relocated from Nebraska to the sun scorched desert town of Wormwood, Nevada. They find themselves in a strange new landscape populated with old school cowboys, alien cultists, meth dealers, and doomsday prophets. Loneliness and desperation pervade Wormwood, and when a meteorite lands in the center of town, its fragile existence begins to unravel as many believe the end of the world is near, while others simply seek a reason to believe in anything at all.

Todd W. said...

Man, you get all the cool covers.

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