Publication Reading This Friday Night

The publication reading for my novel The Suicide Collectors is this Friday night at 7:30 PM at Hamline University. I'll be there around 7 PM to sign books and get real nervous. See here if you have any logistical queries.

I'm also pleased to announce that I will be reading with author Geoff Herbach at Common Good Books in St. Paul on Thursday, January 22nd, as well as the long scheduled reading at the Edina Public Library with author Peter Rennebohm on Monday, Febuary 23rd.

Keep warm, my little sparrows!


Maria said...

Hi Dave,

Pete brought over a copy of your book for "show and tell." I always knew you'd do it! I read the beginning on Amazon--gripping!


PS It's been several odd year, so I should probably sign off with my full name

Maria Almli (Midwinter)

Blogagaard said...

Hi Maria! So good to hear from you. Thank you for the congrats, and I hope your awesome family is well!

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