Let's Get World Serious

The World Series begins Wednesday night and the match-up is amazingly douche-bag free, with the upstart Tampa Bay Rays playing the who-the-hell-are-they? Philadelphia Phillies. I'd have to give the Phillies the edge in this one, if only because they've had several days more rest than the Rays and have thus been able to set up their rotation. And their ace pitcher never seems to sweat, which is the sort of super power I'd like to have. However, the Rays do have home field advantage and something like ten ex-MN Twins on their roster, thanks to a now highly questionable mega-trade during the past off-season when Twins fans were distracted by the impending loss of Tori Hunter and Johan Santana.

The Series will be televised on FOX and luckily we can have the voices of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver even more fully drilled into our collective psyches now, which of course lays the path for eventual FOX world domination.


Blogagaard said...

Good 1st game. Cole "No Sweat" Hamel pitched great for the Phillies, Ryan Howard looked like he was going to have a heart attack about 5 times.

Just Dan said...

Nothing like a douche-bag free World Series. They should do this more often! ;-)

Blogagaard said...

Hi Dan! I know, right?

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