Happy Halloween!

We here at Blogagaard Industries have a staunch pro-Halloween stance, even if we've gotten tired of dressing up and plan to spend the evening eating Mongolian Barbecue and hanging out at local pubs, which doesn't seem that Halloweenish to us. Ever since we were little Blogagaards, running amuck through the streets of Lake Crystal, MN, dressed up as Ghostbusters or dinosaurs or several times like actual bloodsucking vampires (you thought I was going to say personal injury attorneys right there, didn't you?) we've enjoyed fall and crackling leaves (the kind that don't attack) and Ray Bradbury's October Country and H.P. Lovecraft, horrible dialogue and all. I only went out tricking one year, dressed in black with a group of like-minded school chums, but oh the rush, the fun, of egging a despised math teachers house, more enlivening than drinking the blood of a sorority cheerleader.

So, Happy Halloween!


Blogagaard said...

Beautiful orange sunset tonight. We saw two ninja turtles, one batmen, and some teeny boppers driving around in a 100,000 truck.

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