Blogagaard Watches TV and Blogs About it...Again!

So tonight is Saturday night and like any good recluse I've stayed home to watch TV and drink alone. First I watched the Penn St/ Ohio St. game, then the World Series Game 3 along with SNL (which was alright, though Coldplay can kiss my ass) and then after SNL the entire half-hour Time Life 70's and 80's rock ballads CDs infomercial with the guitarist from REO Speedwagon while flipping back to the baseball game.

Oh god. The Rays just melted down in the 9th inning with a wild pitch/throw to 2nd and McCarver said, "The best laid plans of mice and men...and managers." And now they're applying a 5-man infield. Yes. This World Series is the best series since 2001 (Yanks vs. Randy Johnson). There's no doubt in my mind.

Oh, the humanity!

Have a drink on me!



Blogagaard said...

My girlfriend has pointed out that I was being unduly harsh to Coldplay. I'm sorry, Coldplay. I'm sure you have several fans of your light rock elevator-style muzak.

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