Football Lurks

You can have your swimming and beach volleyball and random stabbings. I'm already looking past the Olympics toward the 2008 NFL season. Favre has finally gone to football purgatory, where he'll soon wake up everyday wishing he'd taken the Packer's bribe money, and the Minnesota Vikings are looking strong. Adrian Peterson Pat Williams Incredible Hulk strong. This weekend I created the 2008 League of Pain fantasy football league, wherein I plan to nerd out and destroy my friends with tremendous fantasy football skills.

Though, as pumped as I am, I still refuse to watch the first two or three Viking preseason games. There should only be two preseason games, not the current ridiculous number of 4. Christ, the preseason should never be 1/4 the length of the regular season (16 games)! Go to hell, greedy NFL tycoons!

* There's an article on ESPN right now about a two quarterback offensive scheme being used by a high school football team, with every other player as a possibly eligible receiver. Crazy.


Lex Ham Rand said...

Two quarterbacks....awesome!

Blogagaard said...

I know, right? I want to try that formation on Madden.

Okay, now even a hardened NFL dude such as myself am impressed by Mr. Phelps.

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