The Big Orange Book of Bossyness

One of the gifts I received for my birthday last week was a leather bound journal from Barnes & Noble. This was the fourth leather bound journal I've received over the years, and I still have not written in the first three. This being the case, I proceeded to Barnes & Noble to return the journal for some sweet store credit. After a mini-lecture from the salesclerk about how after Sept. 1st all items need a receipt to be returned, during which I basically paid no attention at all, and instead wondered what it would be like to work with such a prissy jerk, he gave me a "gift card" which I proceeded to use, on the Internet and not in that specific B&N, to purchase The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Ed.
Big, orange (well, my copy is a little more orange-pink. The pic above is from the CD-Rom edition), and bossy, the Manual tells you all you need to know about writing, editing, grammar, printing press jargon, bibliographies, the publication process itself, and tons more exciting stuff like that. Supposedly the manual for any serious writer, after fifteen years of writing I finally had the gift card money to purchase its expensive ass, or at least supplement purchasing it, and now I appear virtually unstoppable, with access to such information as the appropriate use of the em dash. I really pity anyone who even attempts to write without such knowledge, especially since in two weeks or so it'll be my favorite doorstop.

And I fucking LOVE doorstops.


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