Just look At These Rich Douche Bags

There's an article right now on the New York Times site about worried rich parents who send their kids to $10,000 summer camps and hassle the bejesus out of the counselors so much they actually pay someone to act as "parent liaison" for more than I made for an entire summer of traveling across MN in the summer of 2000 working 24/7 for summer camps, each of which had about six counselors for a 100 kids.

That bit about sending kids to camp without their meds is scary stuff, though. That happened at my very last week long camp. I left the cabin for a meeting and returned to a bloody scene involving much punching and a kid who had to be sent home at 1 AM with some freaked out parents. He'd gone off his meds and left a bloody trail in his wake.

And he was so quiet before that.


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