Houstin, We Have a Publicist

Ho ho! Greetings on this hot and humid summer evening. We here at Blogagaard just wanted to let you know that we've garnered a publicist from the publishing hothouse that is St. Martin's Press to help us represent THE SUICIDE COLLECTORS in all its glory. His name is John. Welcome, John! We are glad to have you on board!

Given this new state of being, here are some FAQs:

1)Does this mean Blogagaard now has "people"?

Hell yes it does! They'll even call your people!

2)Does Blogagaard now wear sunglasses indoors? Even at night?

Only when he forgets his regular prescription glasses.

3)Does this mean Blogagaard is more famous than the Beatles?



Aaron M. Wilson said...


That is great news!

If you would like to have me review your book on my site "The Soulless Machine Review," have John send an ARC to me.


Blogagaard said...

Sweet! Thanks, Aaron. Can you e-mail me your address?

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