Stephen King's Garage

We have a garage here at our Boise homestead. It's separated from the house and sits at the edge of our fenced-in backyard. It's rectangular, as you can see from the picture above, and has a dirt floor that's been partially covered in plywood. It also has electricity, which is sort of surprising, given the Gothic nature of its interior (about a thousand nails protrude from the hastily constructed interior, all quite dangerous and unbent. Picture the face of Pinhead from Hellraiser). Our landlady refers to it as "Stephen King's Garage" and the minute I heard that, I knew I was home.

Here you see the interior setup, which I jokingly refer to as The Rock Star Club. Here you can find Blogagaard on some evenings, smoking cigarillos and drinking fine drinks of healthiness. The flat screen TV and DVD player are recent additions; before I simply listened to music on headphones and sketched out unnecessarily complex plot lines for WORMWOOD, NEVADA. For some reason, the garage TV gets much better reception than the house TV.

So, I hope you've enjoyed this trashy Blogagaard version of Cribs!


Clurg said...

A man's gotta have a cave. Awesome.

Blogagaard said...

thanks, Clurg! You know, maybe it's all those nails that helps get better TV reception.

Kelly said...

You need to bring this back with you.

Ali said...


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