High Winds

We had a yard sale this morning in preparation for our return to Minnesota. I was against it at first, being such a high class individual and not wanting to parade my crap before our neighbors, but I was prevailed upon by my gf and lo, the event twas successful with much monies exchanged and our crappy couch removed. I mostly hid inside the house once the heavy lifting was done, taking a minute here and then to peer from behind our curtains and make snide remarks to the cat about the customers.

Now, high winds are sweeping through Boise on this gray Saturday evening, blowing down branches and sending grit through the hair of our fair townspeople. Hold on, baby. Hold on.


Kelly said...

Stay golden, Bloggy Boy.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Return? Fo' real? Not just a visit?

Blogagaard said...

yep. the Idaho experiment is coming to a close!

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