Blogagaard Fills Cube, Sees David Sedaris in Boise

The cube is filled. My transformer ancestors would be so proud.

In other local news, David Sedaris read at Hastings Bookstore tonight in Boise. This might have been the worst venue, and worst bookstore, in the Pacific Northwest to host a major author reading. No mic, no planning, and I could only see the top half of his head, from the side. People were packed into every isle, filling a third of the Walmart-like store, and the air conditioning was no match for their feverish love of David Sedaris. I knew the man was popular, but actually seeing all the bright eyed NPR fans really brought it into focus for me, and I was annoyed. But that might have been the heat, which literally made sweat drip down my face and pool into the carpet and when I slashed my way back through the crowd during the Q & A I tripped over some lady's foot and almost hurtled into another woman's lap. That's right, people were sitting on the floor, like this was a Dave Mathews concert. And when I got to the bathroom, it was locked, and you had to go find a Hastings employee to lead you back to the bathroom and let you in themselves. No drinking fountain, either. Stupid Hastings. Someone said a Sedaris book signing lasted 7 hours in Albuquerque. I was just glad to leave with my books, unsigned, and get a goddamn drink of water.

Sedaris was funny, though.


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