Blogagaard As...Judge?

Well, I write this post assuming I have not made it to the Top Ten in the ABNA contest, since I have not been notified prior to the announcement, as stated in the rules. So, to soothe my crushing grief and sense of utter failure, I turn to my future as...judge?

That's right, people. I've been asked to judge a flash fiction contest called miniStories. It's a contest for Minnesota writers only (sorry, rest of world) and free to enter. Entries must be from 5-500 words in length.

Out of the four hundred-plus posts on this blog, this might be one of the most surreal. I can only hope to live up to the standards of Judge Wapner (2,484 episodes), Judge Judy (ten daytime Emmy nominations), Judge Dread (shot a lot of people), and, of course, the steely Paula Abdul (friend of MC Skat Kat, who went on to release his own solo album [seriously]).