FISHBOWL Advances to ABNA Top 100!

Well, I'll be damned. My novel KNOCKING OVER THE FISHBOWL has advanced to the Top 100 in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, slipping through an initial field of 5,000 entries. It sort of feels like I've survived to find myself in the deep part of a military campaign, after a lot of good soldiers have fallen along the way. The Top Ten are announced on March 3rd, I believe, with the ultimate winner announced in early April.

Here are some contest links:
Contest homepage
Penguin press release about the contest

Thank you to everyone for your support. I don't think of this shameless self-promotion as blogging, exactly, and thus have disabled reader comments for the time being. Plus, I was starting to feel like a comments junkie.

Our cat is staring at me. He doesn't look impressed.