Freeze and Thaw, Freeze and Thaw

I'm starting to notice a pattern here with the Boise winter. One day it rains, another day it freezes, maybe snows, and the next day it all thaws, with some middling overcast days in between. So, as my lady friend has pointed out, it always smells like spring around here. Not like your Minnesota winters, which grab hold with a vengeance and never fully thaw out until, you know, June. My backyard was blanketed in snow as recently as last night; this afternoon it's all grass, no snow. You don't need to shovel the front walk. Wait for the afternoon and the sun does it for you. or, if you can't wait, get a broom and do some light dusting.

There's no point to all this. Just an observation.


Ken McConnell said...

Ain't it great! Don't tell anyone, then they will all come here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Seriously.


mikey said...

Hey, it was like 40 or some shit the past two days.

But the ground is still frozen, so the snow stuck around (about a foot still).

At least it keeps the crazies away.

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