Country Roads...

I'm flying back to Minneapolis/St. Paul this afternoon for a week of seeing friends, kicking ass, and taking names. Also, drinking Wisconsin's own Leinenkuegels Honey Weiss beer, which I haven't been able to find here in Boise. I usually don't schedule things, but I have at least two to four dinners, coffees, etc. scheduled for each day I'm home as I try to make up for the last six months in one week. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it.

It'll be strange "visiting" MN for the first time. But I'll still probably dislike Tom Wolfe's You Can't Go Home Again.

Aside: I haven't flown in two years or so. After all the negative smack I've read about air travel these days on-line, I'll be happy if I'm not being bull whipped by a huge sweaty man during the entire flight. Also, is it true everyone has to fly stark naked these days? That'll make for conversation.


starshrine said...

Comin' home, comin' home, hmmm hmm hmm, comin' home!

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