Pumpkin Time

We carved pumpkins today. Mine is a round eyed, round mouthed beast with a big snaggle tooth. Sarah carved an eerie skeleton's head, scoring the pumpkin flesh in such a way that when lit the jack-o-lantern will be layered with light. Very professional. We're also baking the pumpkin seeds with seasoned salt, and hope to subsist on them as our sole food source throughout the Boise winter.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Crackle, crackle.


starshrine said...

This is NOT my pumpkin!!!!!

I WISH I were that good!

Missy said...

I bet Sarah's pumpkin is better!!

I love fall too!

Dad Stuff said...

I tried to roast pumpkins seeds once.

Blogagaard said...

Yeah, they're not so good. Welcome to Blogagaard, Dad Stuff!

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