Oh, Ichiro

Top three Ichiro quotes of the year(courtesy of the Seattle Times' Larry Stone)
No one in baseball puts thoughts into words more eloquently than the one, the only Ichiro Suzuki. The evidence please:

• Third prize: On whether he thought, after his team's 14th loss in 16 games, that his teammates were pressing: "I don't even comprehend that word. ... If someone did 100 sprints before games, then maybe he'd be pressing, but there's no such idiots on this team."

• Second prize: On the Mariners' crazy schedule, which caused them to make three first-half trips to Cleveland because of a four-game April snowout: "If I ever saw myself saying I'm excited going to Cleveland, I'd punch myself in the face, because I'm lying."

• First prize: On the prospect of facing his countryman, Daisuke Matsuzaka, for the first time in the big leagues: "I hope he arouses the fire that's dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul. I plan to face him with the zeal of a challenger."



Blogagaard said...

By the way, Ichiro Suzuki is an outfielder on a Major League Baseball team called the Seattle Mariners. He's from Japan.

Ken McConnell said...

If you were in Japan right now, would you be eloquent in Japanese? I think something always gets lost in translation. That said, he does come off as kinda out there sometimes.

When it comes to playing baseball, Ichiro can say whatever the **** he wants too if he plays as good as he does.

Blogagaard said...

I know. the man is a hitting machine. He might be able to play until he's fifty if he switches to DH. He reminds me of Rod Carew from Twins and Angels lore.

My favorite sports quote is from Josh Beckett, back when he was on a young Marlins team and they were playing the heavily favored Yankees in the World Series. He said something to the effect that the Marlins just might be dumb enough to win.

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