Good Afternoon

Hi everyone. I just want to wish you a good afternoon, or late morning, depending on your time zone. We here at Blogagaard want to make sure we provide the utmost customer quality care, and as such that includes wishing you a hardy, hale afternoon. We're thinking about going to get new brake pads for the Honda after lunch. We live a life of excitement and intrigue.


Ken McConnell said...

Greetings! Hey, you ever attend writer's group meetings? You know, to chat with other local writers about writing stuff?

I belong to the Partners in Crime group here in Boise and I just attended my first meeting of the Boise Screenwriters group last night.

Just curious if you're into that kind of thing. Be fun to meet another local sci-fi writer.

Travis Erwin said...

Brake Pads in the Afternoon.

Is that the sequel to Fender Bender in the Morning?

Blogagaard said...

Hi Ken. I'm not huge into writer groups, I guess. Every time I go to one I start thinking how I could be using the time to write.

Fender Bender in the Morning, Travis? Sounds like a porno to me!

Ken McConnell said...

I wrote a blog entry about writers groups over on MyView

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