Blogagaard Reviews Late Night Broadcasting TV (Boise Edition)

What I like to do is get my work done by 11:30 PM (five pages of usable fiction, on a good day)and watch me some broadcast television. For those of you who might not know, some TV channels are free. Yes, I mean it. FREE! You use an antennae, or aluminum foil, or your government provided steel plate, and you get these free TV channels, some of them kind of fuzzy. Well, I've never had cable so these channels are what I watch. And watch I do.

You see, 11:30 PM in Boise is my personal sweet spot. You have Reno 911!, That 70's Show, and Conan O'Brien starting within five minutes of each other (Reno is the earliest). You can literally switch between the three channels and be at least mildly amused for a half hour. And at midnight, Cheers comes on. At the time Cheers was in prime time, I was too young to get about 90% of the jokes, even if I laughed much. Now, I get most of them, as well as its quiet sense of bar desperation. And then, if I've been drinking (a lot) I'll watch Last Call with Carson Daly for the first twenty minutes, before I switch the TV to VIDEO for some Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, circa N64 1998.


mikey said...

It sounds like you have been pretty busy with yourself.

I'm wondering, does the Ken Griffy Baseball game work every time, or does it break down every once in a while?

Blogagaard said...

Well, it works because it's back when he was a Mariner. I'm sure if I had the Reds edition it would break down all over the place, maybe even if I just looked at it.

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