What Magazine Should Blogagaard Read in 2006? Vote now!

Every year my grandmother, bless her heart, gives me two magazine subscriptions and maybe something she buys me at a flea market. For two years I've chosen Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker, but Atlantic no longer publishes fiction. What major magazines (remember, my g-ma has to be able to buy it from some psycho girl scout or something) publishes sweet ass fiction?

Vote now! Your advice is direly needed!


Something dirty said...

I think Cosmo sometimes has excerpts from steamy novels. I'm not voting for it, though. No, wait. I am.

mikey said...

Highlights for Children.

How I love you Goofus and Galliant; you crazy, crazy bastards!

Blogagaard said...

I'm already ultra fashion sensible and I totally know how to please my man. I don't need no stinkin' Cosmo.

Kelly said...

I'll repeat my off-blog suugestions, just 'cause.

The Sun
Antioch Review

Blogagaard said...

But I totally appreciate your suggestions, SD! Everyone, feel validated today!

Except Mikey, who's idea of a good hard-hitting magazine is Maxim (or Newsweek).

Something dirty said...

Harper's might be your best bet to actually show up in the girl scout magazine collection, huh?

I don't need any validation, Oppe, it's all good.

mikey said...

I don't need any more hard hitting reading materials then I already have. I'm already a book behind in the Oppegaard book club.

And if the crap I had to read for graduate school was creative fiction, we'd all live much happier lives.

Besides, I've already put in my order for McSweeny's, so I can read about sweaty coed nipples and frat parties, whatever the heck those are.

Voix said...

If you aren't reading The Believer, there is something amiss. It is a more non-fiction mag, but brilliant.

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