On Blogging

I started this blog in August and wow, what a crazy ride it's been. I now have more blog friends than real friends, it seems, and every day I'm clicking around to see what everyone's up to. It seems that technology, which has long been a source of alientation in the modern world, finally is doing something right, is actually serving humanity in a creative, warm way. I could give a crap about iPods, cable TV, and cell phones, but I love my dial-up modem, so much so that when my last one was struck by lightning I had a funeral for it, complete with a sixteen gun salute and jug of wine. The day after it died I kept thinking I saw it walking towards me in a crowd, its green smiling face saying yes, Dave, I've come back, you are connected to the world again. You will soon be one click away from witty comments and heartbreaking essays.

Blog on, my peeps. We aren't here forever, so we have to play for keeps.

(Heh heh. That rhymed!)


Voix said...

Blogging is wonderful. Blogging will save the world. Or at least keep geeks like us off the streets at night.

Lucas said...

Blog friends are real friends David, as you shall see tomorrow. We are flesh and blood along with words in type. Here's my only concern, we are great in print, having enough time to craft our witty, intelligent responses. Will that translate to live interaction? Oh God, what if I'm only interesting to you folks over the internet and fall horribly short in face to face conversation? Wait! What am I saying? I'm fabulous and everyone will love me! Ok, I feel better now. See you all tomorrow.

Brady said...

If you had an iPod, Mr. Blogagaard, you would give a crap. You could carry the entire Meat Loaf catalague in your pants.

That's an idea: a meatloaf catalogue.

Blogagaard said...

Lucas, everything will be fine. Brady, I have heard your ipod arguement a thousand times, from my friend Mikey. My question is this: were we meant to carry so much music around with us, eveywhere we went? Does having such god-like power somehow dull the music, our own senses, and the world around us?

That said, I am sure I will own an ipod before I ever get a cell phone.

Blogagaard said...

Michele, I haven't been able to decide yet if we're all geeks, nerds, or dorks. Or just simple blogging folk.

Herbach said...

I love my cell phone, blogoa.

More than that, though, I love the blogs. This has been great, getting to know so many people, keeping up with everyone. It's been amazing.

Something dirty said...

Imagine how happy you'd be with DSL or cable modem! Nah, that would kill the romance.

I'm even cooler in person than I am online. So, too bad for you guys! Why am I being so obnoxious today?

Dave, you can't deny the sheer utility of the cell phone. Mine even has a flashlight! It's like a swiss army phone. I don't use it for calls as much as the clock.

Clurg said...

I took a test. I am a nerd. So was Something dirty.

We are both robots. She's Myrna Loy and I'm Katherine Hepburn, though.

Something dirty said...

That's right! I was so jealous of clurg, because myrna has less range, let's face it. So you have a good idea what both of us are like, truly.

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