Blogagaard Bows to Relentless Peer Pressure, Posts Stolen Party Advertisement Before Wandering Off for An Afternoon Nap

Twin Cities Blogger Gathering


Impromptu -- but should be fun.

A gang of us will be at Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge on Saturday evening after the Lit 6 Project show. I'm guessing we should be over there by 7:30ish. What do you guys think?

If you blog from the Twin Cities Metro, show up and hang out with us. If you live in the Twin Cities and read one of our blogs and want to meet one of us and let our epic coolness rub off on you, you're welcome to show up, too!


Epic Coolness said...

See, here I am, rubbing off.

Oh. That didn't sound right. Anyway, Dave, I came, I checked it out, I pronounce it cool. Kind of like rummaging about the surfaces of your mind, looking for the floor amidst all the laundry. Next time I teach, blogs required. Apocalyptic blogs.

Blogagaard said...

Thank you for visiting, my man. I will link you up to this glorious site.

Voix said...


Thanks for bowing to the peer pressure. Hope you had a good nap.

*mwah* from the Voix.

Something dirty said...

what is this w00t you speak of?

Blogagaard said...

oh lord. my elbow hurts. fun times!

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